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VirilityEx Review - male enhancement pills over the counter

If you have ever been in a position where you had to unwillingly explain to a doctor how you were struggling with your sex life and how badly you need a remedy to increase your sex power, you know how awkward the situation is. In fact, for once a person can do away with the weirdness of explaining this stuff to another person but the embarrassment kind of stays forever. This is why the introduction of male enhancements is good news for every man who is finding it hard to perform like a pro in the bed.

One of the current and effective male enhancement supplements that work fast is VirilityEx. It has received several compliments and appreciation from men that have been using it to enhance their manliness. That being said, not everyone has had luck with VirilityEx. However, this is totally fine as, like any other drug, this male enhancement pill also has a different effect on different individuals depending upon the nature of diet and other living habits of the individuals. Let us find out more about the composition, nature, and pros and cons about this pill.


What is VirilityEx?


The first thing to know about VirilityEx is the fact that it is a male enhancement pill and thus falls under the category of sex-related drugs and medicines. However, this pill does not require a medical prescription or a physician’s prescription or written permission to buy and consume it. It can be bought over the counter without a prescription and is easily available. Moreover, you should know that this pill is totally natural and that it does not contain any artificial active ingredients.

It offers the following benefits to the consumer:

  • Increased sex drive

You must have heard or read about Libido. In the simplest terms, it is the part of our body composition that enhances our sex drive. But these days it is brought down by the humans because of a few psychological and physical factors. Many reasons force men to take male enhancement pills that work fast and improve the libido. Some of these factors are daily stress, lack of self-confidence in a man, and some medical conditions. VirilityEx can easily handle the libido deficiency naturally through supplementation.

  • Your performance will increase in bed

There are some reasons why you couldn’t last long in bed. The reasons are mostly due to age factor or (and) several physical or psychological causes. VirilityEx helps you boost your performance and help you stay longer in bed with firmer erections.

  • Increases pleasure during lovemaking

Every man and woman thinks and dreams of receiving overwhelming orgasms and this male enhancement pill is created to help with just that. Generally, orgasms come in when you are fully relaxed and confident in bed and this drug makes sure you are comfortable in the bed.

  • Enlargement of penis

Many men struggle in satisfying their partner because they are not able to penetrate deeper into her. This problem can be solved by enlarging the size of the penis. The natural constituents of this pill can do this too and enlarge your manhood to the desired size. This will help you in going deeper into her and satisfying her deeply.

How does VirilityEx Work?

It directly works on the androgenic hormones and particularly on testosterone by enhancing their levels. These hormones are liable for the mannish physical and physiological characteristics of men. Higher levels of these hormones are linked with enlarged libido and more solid erections. Did you know that with aging, the level of testosterone in the men body decreases? As per the calculations of researchers, in the twenties, this hormone is at its peak and after crossing 30 it decreases around 1% annually, on an average.

So, even at a younger age, male enhancement pills are quite helpful. In fact, it has been seen that men in their twenties are more prone towards consumption of such medicines as they also help in reducing stress and make them feel comfortable in general.

The Ingredients check

 The best way to understand that whether or not you should consume a male enhancement pill is by looking at its ingredients. Let us take a look at the composition of VirilityEx and how all the things present in it help in improving your sexual performance. Also, before going further please note that there is a fixed amount of each ingredient in the pill which depicts the clear sign of its quality. This is to let you know that there are several male enhancements pills which have exclusive amounts of vigorous ingredients. You should know what you are consuming and be aware of how these things work in your body.

Korean ginseng

Practitioners of traditional medicine have used this plant and ingredients derived from it for curing sexual inability in men for centuries. As per the modern studies, this ingredient is effective in improving both libido and the erection in men. A recent study has shown that this plant works by aggregating the blood flow to the penis. And this also helps in penis enlargement, especially when accompanied along with regular safe and operative exercises.

Saw palmetto

Another plant ingredient of VirilityEx is Saw palmetto. It stimulates the production of testosterone which helps in improving the sexual functionality in men. Also, this improves the levels of libido in a men’s body and hence a better sex drive. This ingredient is also well-known for its ability to avoid and resist prostate enlargement. So, you should always look for this ingredient when shopping for a male enhancement pill that works.


These are natural compounds that are extracted from plants. They help in enlightening sexual activity in men. In general, these compounds can help you last longer and be wild when in bed with your partner.  Moreover, beta-sitosterols have many health benefits as well. One of the main benefits to consider consuming male enhancement pills with this compound is that they help in lowering the levels of cholesterol in the arteries and advances your heart health. So, better sex with lower volumes of cholesterol – win-win situation!


This mineral supplies a lot of benefits to the human body and it also happens to be the most popular ingredient of VirilityEx. One of its biggest advantages is that it increases the testosterone levels. This leads to enhanced libido levels and better sexual show in bed. You don’t need to take any other male enhancement pill as VirilityEx supplies all the gunpowder you need to nail her and make her body happy. Plus, this ingredient is a natural mood healer which uplifts your spirit and helps you perform well in bed without being anxious or insecure about your body or your performance.


This ingredient is naturally found in food stuff like fish and poultry and is mainly vital for virility of men. It openly affects the potency as it is liable for sperm production. VirilityEx is the right fit for you if you are considering to take male enhancement pills that work fast as it can enhance your fertility in a proven way.

How is VirilityEx effective?

 All the ingredients of VirilityEx mentioned above work in their own different ways to supply several benefits to the male human body. Some of the benefits are the better erection, better sperm production, fertility incitement, and mood booster. VirilityEx works quickly after consumption. Once inside your body, it starts showing its affects almost instantly. All these benefits mentioned above start getting visible and you will certainly experience great pleasure during any sexual activity in bed after taking the pill. To make the functions of VirilityEx better, you can add some exercises to your daily routine. This will also enhance the shape and size of your penis and give it a better girth and length. Your women will love you for it.

Now, after considering all these amazing benefits, it is quite rational to say that VirilityEx is one of the best male enhancement pills that work quickly and safely. The pill does not require any prescription and has all the natural ingredients making it a good fit for your lifestyle.

Having said that, the truth is that the body of every man is unique and there are a lot of reasons which may influence the effect of the ingredients of the male enhancement pill in question. Some of these factors include age, medical condition, any sort of physical condition, or presence of physiological problems that affect sexual performance. Normally, a man is advised to take the supplement for 8 to 12 weeks, but studies have revealed that most men are able to see the difference and perform better in bed after a couple of days of taking the pill.

How Safe Is It?

Safety is always a concern that turns up when it comes to using male enhancement pills that work fast as these pills are not medicines which are severely structured by the health units, likes the United States’ Food and Drug Administration.

The first and foremost thing is that if a man takes the recommended daily dosage of VirilityEx, then its ingredients will never cause any severe or adverse side effects in the body. This pill can hardly cause any physical uneasiness. However, keep in mind that you should not consume the pill more than what is recommended.

Please note that if you are on any medication due to a health problem either chronic or acute than you must check with your physician at least once if you can take this pill or not.

Generally, this is the right plan of action when scheduling to use any kind or form of male enhancement pills and not just this particular sex enhancement drug. Safety must always be your first concern when looking to purchase male enhancement pills that work fast.

For example, if you have a health condition which can worsen because of any of the ingredients present in VirilityEx, you should definitely consider taking the advice of your physician before starting any course. This is important because consuming your regular medication and sex enhancing pill at the same time can cause complications and have adverse effects. You don’t have to risk medicine interaction, even if the probability of such a situation is very less when consuming these male enhancement pills.

How to use this pill – VirilityEx?

  • Just see the bottle overleaf once you buy the VirilityEx male enhancement pills for the recommendation of how and when to take these pills.
  • You should not surpass the recommended daily dose.
  • You won’t get faster results this way and this may be possibly not safe. Note that using this pill is not a once-in-a-lifetime solution.
  • When these supplements’ ingredients reach to the required levels in your body, you will be capable to sustain your libido and sexual performance optimum all the time.
  • Though, as stated earlier, this couldn’t take place in one or two days of the period.
  • This is not the way how the human physique works. Patience definitely pays off even if you are not expecting to wait too long for appreciating the positive results of the pill.
  • If you choose to do exercise program along with these male enhancement pills for penis enlargement then you have to strictly follow the rules to do it.
  • Don’t follow an intense schedule of exercise program else you might end up having an injury. Also, stop exercising straight away if you feel any kind of pain.
  • Normally, this rarely happens if you do the exercises properly as per the instructions.


VirilityEx is safe and easy to use the drug that delivers what it promises. It does not have any adverse effects on the body and has been passed by the medical and drugs departments across the globe. Although it is available over the counter without a prescription, it should be handled and consumed with care. It constitutes 100% natural ingredients but at the same time should never be mixed with any other medication for any kind of health issue. Other than that, there is no reason why you should not use VirilityEx to improve your libido and perform like a porn star in the bed.



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