Muscle Advance Creatine Review – Is It the Right Supplement to Get Ripped and Big?

supplement to get ripped and big

You are working out hard in the gym, but you don’t seem to be achieving good results.

That is why you are searching for a supplement to get ripped and big.

Among the various options out there, you will find Muscle Advance Creatine. It promises great things, but can it really help you reach your body building goals quickly and safely?

Read this unbiased and detailed review and you will be able to answer this question yourself.


What Is Muscle Advance Creatine?

This is a supplement offering 4,500mg of creatine (creatine monohydrate) per serving. It has no other active ingredients.

It is formulated to help people who engage in resistance training to achieve better results and, more specifically, to gain lean muscle mass. Simply put, people use it as a supplement to get ripped and big.

Creatine is a nitrogenous organic acid which is produced naturally in the human body. It is not a compound which has been artificially synthesized in a lab.

Furthermore, creatine supplementation has been around for decades. This chemical compound is used by both professional athletes and amateurs.

In fact, it is among the main types of supplements used by weightlifters and runners taking part in short-distance disciplines.

Players who participate in team sports involving explosive activities such as basketball and football also rely on creatine to improve their performance. Given all this, guys who are looking for a natural supplement to get ripped and big always consider creatine as one of their primary choices.

The manufacturer of Muscle Advance Creatine has the same name – Muscle Advance. The company has been around since 2002 and has good reputation in the market.

It offers its products exclusively online to give people from different places quick access to them.

How Does It Work?

As a person who wants to have a perfect body, you know that building a muscular and chiseled physique is pure science. You have to be absolutely precise about the exercises that you do, the foods that you eat and the supplements that you take.

For these reasons, you should have a clear idea of how Muscle Advance Creatine works. This will give you confidence about using this supplement to get ripped and big, if you decide to do so, of course.

Now let’s answer the question of what happens when you take Muscle Advance Creatine. Your body receives high amounts of this chemical compound.

When it undergoes physical stress, which is what happens when you perform resistance training exercises, creatine releases energy to help the cells do their job. This release of energy is extremely fast. You basically feel “pumped up” when you use this supplement to get ripped and big.

Muscle cells and the cells of the bones and brain all receive extra energy. However, researchers have confirmed that the stimulation of the muscle cells is the greatest.

When you have this extra energy and strength, you can perform more reps and more sets. You can work out more intensively without experiencing great fatigue.

When you do this, more microscopic tears are formed in your muscles and your body has to fill them up. Thanks to this process, you can get bigger more quickly.

Creatine works by drawing more water to the muscle. This is the reason why you may get heavier by around three pounds when you first start taking Muscle Advance Creatine.

The presence of water stimulates protein synthesis. As a result, the microscopic tears formed in the muscles get filled up even more quickly. Of course, to achieve this, you must consume sufficient amounts of protein in addition to taking this supplement to get ripped and big.

As pointed out earlier, the best way to reach your bodybuilding goals is to adopt a scientific approach to your diet as well as to your exercise and the intake of a supplement to get ripped and big.

The best food sources of protein include beef, poultry and eggs. It is also found in legumes.

To summarize, Muscle Advance Creatine gives you more energy to work out harder during your strength training sessions. You become stronger and don’t get tired so quickly.

Creatine also aids the synthesis of protein in the muscles by creating the optimal environment for this.

Is It Effective?

When you use Muscle Advance Creatine, you receive 4,500mg of the active ingredient with each capsule. This is the optimal amount per intake during the loading phase and the optimal daily dosage afterwards, according to researchers and fitness and body building specialists.

Numerous studies on creatine have been performed over the years and they have confirmed that it is effective for building lean muscle mass.

In fact, it is considered to be the most researched chemical compound used for supplementation so you can be certain that the evidence gathered is not insufficient at all.

It is worth taking a look at some of the research results to get an idea of how this supplement to get ripped and big can help you achieve the physique which you have always dreamed of.

A research paper summarizing 300 studies on creatine has concluded that there is significant evidence that this chemical compound can increase strength between 5% and 15%. The muscle concentrations with maximum effort go up anywhere from 5% to 15% also.

At this point, you may ask why the range is considerable (10 percentage points). This is because every person has unique metabolism. Some people can gain greater benefits compared to others when they take this supplement to get ripped and big. However, you can be certain that it will work effectively.

One particular study involving 38 young men and women aged 21 to 28 has revealed that all subjects receiving creatine supplementation had increased muscle thickness.

Men had greater muscle gains compared to women. In general, there has been a debate whether women can benefit from this supplement when it comes to increasing their strength and gaining muscle mass. As you can see, the answer is positive.

Does It Have Additional Benefits?

While doing studies on creatine, researchers have discovered that this chemical compound has a variety of other positive effects in addition to improving strength and helping for muscle mass increase.

It is worth taking a closer look at the extra benefits which you can get with Muscle Advance Creatine, when you use this supplement to get ripped and big.

A recent study has shown that creatine may also boost the testosterone levels of men who work out regularly. The participants who engaged in a ten-week strength training program and took this supplement daily had a significant rise in the level of this androgenic hormone while at rest.

Testosterone is also important for getting lean mass. In men, it plays a significant role in the protein synthesis in the muscles. In fact, this hormone is responsible for all masculine features including the bigger body.

This is yet another way in which you can benefit from this supplement to get ripped and big. It is worth noting that the effect is natural.

It has nothing to do with the effects of steroids which are extremely dangerous and may cause permanent damage to the body. Higher testosterone levels bring a range of additional benefits which men can enjoy. The most notable ones include increased sex drive and improved performance in bed.

This chemical compound has been found to improve the physical function of joints and to reduce stiffness in this. This is extremely important when you do strength training exercises such as lifting a barbell loaded with weights from a standing position.

You will be less likely to experience discomfort while working out and during recovery. Your risk of injuries and knee injuries, in particular, may drop significantly.

In general, the value of this effect of creatine becomes greater as you grow older. It is great to know that Muscle Advance Creatine can help you take good care of your body and stay safe while getting more muscular.

As pointed out earlier, this supplement to get ripped and big helps to deliver energy not only to the muscle cells, but to the brain cells too.

One study involving 45 people who took this chemical compound daily over the course of six weeks revealed that it may have a positive effect on memory and the processing of information.

You may think that these benefits have little to do with using the supplement to get ripped and big, but this is not the case. When you are more mentally alert and focused, you can perform any type of exercise better and keep your risk of injury as low as possible.

How about Safety?

The hundreds of research studies done on creatine supplementation have revealed that it does not cause side effects. Muscle Advance Creatine is made following the established practices for safety.

That is why you should not expect to experience any adverse side effects when using this supplement to get ripped and big, if you are a healthy adult man.

In case you have a medical condition, you should talk to your doctor before taking this or any other supplement, regardless of that its purpose is.

The next question which many people would ask is whether creatine is safe for women. The answer is positive here as well.

There has been speculation that the increased water retention in the muscles caused by this chemical compound may have an adverse effect on the way in which the female body works.

Research studies have shown that this is not the case. Women who receive supplementation should not expect to experience any kind of discomfort or adverse effects on their body functions.

To give you complete peace of mind about using this supplement to get ripped and big, let’s address some anecdotal claims made about creatine side effects over the years.

There have been speculations that it may cause kidney damage due to the fact that increases the level of water in the body.

These have been categorically refuted by research evidence. Similarly, no study has confirmed the speculations that creatine may cause cramping. This problem usually occurs when your body doesn’t get sufficient amounts of important minerals like magnesium.

Remember that when you work out, your body’s metabolic rate increases and the minerals and vitamins in your system may get depleted more quickly.

You can readily take the required measures to deal with this issue while you are following an intensive resistance training program and taking this supplement to get ripped and big.

How to Take It

This is truly the million-dollar question even for experienced body builders. As said before, this is a science so it is important for you to apply a scientific approach to taking this supplement to get ripped and big.

The main thing which you have to keep in mind is that each capsule of Muscle Advance Creatine contains 4,500mg or 4.5 grams of the active ingredient. Let’s take a look at how you can create a system for taking it so that you can get the best possible results fast.

You should start with a loading phase. It involves taking a larger amount of this supplement to get ripped and big over a short period of time so that your body can store enough of it.

One of the most recommended options at present is to load with 3 capsules of Muscle Advance Creatine daily for a period of 12 days.

This means that you will take 13.5 grams of the active ingredient per day. In the past, body builders used to have shorter loading phases with larger daily dosages of creatine.

This isn’t a very good idea given that you will gain some water weight initially. This should not happen too fast. The benefits of the 12-day loading phase are the same, but they come without the risk of experiencing bloating.

After you have completed the loading phase, you just need to maintain the levels of creatine in your body. During the maintenance phase, it is perfectly sufficient to take 1 capsule of this supplement to get ripped and big.

Getting the amount of 4.5 grams of Muscle Advance Creatine every day will help you get the results which you want. Researchers have found that exceeding this amount after the loading phase will not bring any significant benefits when it comes to gaining muscle mass.

When to take this supplement to get ripped and big – before a workout, after a workout or somewhere in between? During the loading phase, you should take a capsule three times a day at equal intervals, regardless of the workout program and schedule that you have adopted. Many body builders claim that this is the time when you derive maximum benefit so you should not miss training sessions.

During the maintenance phase, it pays off to pair the intake of Muscle Advance Creatine with your workouts. The most recent studies have shown that optimal results are achieved when you take the supplement after a workout.

This may seem confusing since the job of creatine is to give you strength while you exercise. However, it has been found that the body uses the already stored creatine rather than what you have just taken.

How do you take creatine? Taking it with carbs is essential for its absorption. Most body builders take this supplement to get ripped and big with a glass of juice.

It could be any type of juice from a cart. Keep in mind that freshly squeezed juice may not have that many calories, depending on the fruits used for its making. Some people prefer to add dextrose for a more potent effect.

Should you cycle this supplement to get ripped and big? There is an ongoing debate on this matter. Some experts suggest that you should follow a complete cycle including a loading phase and a maintenance phase for three months and then take a break for about a month.

Then you can begin a new cycle which also includes loading and maintenance. Others suggest that you keep taking this supplement to get ribbed and big daily until you reduce the intensity of your training to maintain the already achieved results.

If you take part in any body building or weightlifting competitions or in other sports events as a participant, you should check the special requirements for preparation.

In some cases, you may have to stop taking the supplement a couple of a month or so before the big day. In general, you should consider your individual needs and goals when deciding on which way to go in the long-term.

Where to Buy

Muscle Advance Creatine is sold only via its official website. Currently, there are no offline sales. You can place your order directly on the website and the product will be delivered to your address.

It is best to prepare a program for taking this supplement to get ripped and big in advance so that you can calculate exactly how many bottles to order

The Verdict


Can you use this supplement to get ripped and big?

All the scientific evidence on creatine suggests that Muscle Advance Creatine has the right formula for increasing your muscle mass when you engage in strength training.

This supplement to get ripped and big is effective and safe.


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