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In what can the as an eye opener, Huffington recently featured this article about a 19-year-old young male in the prime of his health and sexual development experiencing erectile dysfunction. He just couldn’t perform when his girlfriend, whom he found hot and attractive and was sexually willing was right there with him on bed.
That’s not a one-off occurrence that you read in a health magazine anymore.
Erectile dysfunction or ED has gone from a problem usually experienced by people with diabetes above the age of 50 to a common occurrence that even men as young as 20 are going through. And this worrying trend is constantly on the rise.
What is the reason behind this sudden increase in erectile dysfunction? Or was the increase gradual and it’s just that we never noticed it?
More importantly, given the physical, social and psychological implications of the condition, how do you deal with it?
Understanding Erectile Dysfunction
We know that it can be devastating on your psyche to know that you just cannot get your penis hard even when your partner is initiating sex.
On more occasions than not, men think that they had one drink too many which resulted in the dampener. Some attribute it to tiredness. Others say that they had a stressful day.
But when the condition becomes persistent and they find that they are unable to get the penis to stay erect or just can’t get it erect in the first place, they try to find excuses and avoid sexual contact with their partners. Along with becoming one of the biggest reasons for a frayed relationship, it can also become a consistent stressor in men who can trigger a bevy of other health problems.
If you are reading this, then these symptoms may seem surprisingly close to what you are experiencing. And it’s crucial that you understand the condition to know what you are dealing with and what may be causing it.
Erectile Dysfunction is the inability of a man to maintain an erection for a sufficiently long time to have sex. And it can be caused due to umpteen number of causes. The most leading ones are:
Aging: If you are above the age of 30, you are already a candidate for ED. Your hormonal levels are constantly depleting, and so is your stamina. And once you cross your 50s, you are most likely to suffer from the condition.
Stress: All those hours spent haggling on the phone with your clients or clacking away on the keyboard way of a fast approaching deadline can take a toll on your health and ED is one of the most probable side effects.
Diabetes: Diabetes is considered to be one of the commonest causes of ED.
Atherosclerosis: This is a condition in which the blood vessels in the body slowly begin to narrow down affecting the blood supply to peripheral organs and muscles. When the blood supply to the penis is affected, you experience ED.
What are the treatment options?
Now that you know what some of the probable causes for ED are let’s discuss how to treat the condition.
Unfortunately, that’s where it starts to become tricky.
Any synthetic drug that is intended for the treatment of ED can only give you symptomatic relief.
Moreover, all of the possible treatment options involve the use of synthetic drugs like Viagra or Cialis that come with the possibility of serious side effects.
‘How serious’, one might ask.
Well, here are some of the ‘mild’ side effects of Viagra.
Abnormal vision
Muscular pain
Back pain
Skin rashes
Facial flushing
If those are the mild symptoms, here are the more serious ones for you.
Sudden vision loss
Sudden hearing loss
Priapism – A condition which causes an erection for three to four hours and can permanently damage your penis
Sudden and potentially fatal drop in blood pressure
That’s just the tip of the iceberg. If you have cardiac issues, liver problems or kidney problems, then you cannot even use Viagra or any similar drug in the first place.
And most diabetics have these problems, to begin with.
So, other than silently suffering or dealing with side effects that can damage your body potentially for life, what other options do you have to treat erectile dysfunction?
That’s where herbs come into the picture. Herbs have always been looked upon as an alternative form of therapy by western medication. But in many parts of the world, they are looked upon as a safer and superior alternative to synthetic pills.
Today, we are going to talk about one such herbal formulation that is now being considered as the most powerful formula for treating sexual dysfunction in men.
Rock Hard Pills – The Complete Natural Solution
With a powerful, all-natural blend of ingredients that include herbs handpicked for their potency, purity and efficacy, Rock Hard Pills has been garnering rave reviews all around the world for its effectiveness in treating erectile dysfunction and a bunch of other closely related sexual conditions in men.
Now, we know that the supplement industry thrives on aggressive and sometimes dubious marketing techniques. So, we usually take tall claims with a pinch of salt.
But we were pleasantly surprised when we saw the science behind the claims made by the manufacturers of Rock Hard Pills.
So much so, that we decided to analyze it in detail and give you the low down on it.
What is Rock Hard Pills?
Rock Hard Pills is a medical grade herbal formula that has been specially formulated to help increase the flow of blood to the penis. It is a blend of three simple but extremely potent herbs that have for long been used for treating an array of health problems including improving the blood supply in the body.
When blended in a precise ratio, these herbs complement each other perfectly and work in synergy to correct most of the common sexual health problems experienced by men.
Here’s what you can experience with the consistent use of Rock Hard Pills.
Increased libido: Many times, prolonged ED can eventually cause your libido to plummet so low that you don’t feel like initiating sex at all. The Horny Goat Weed extract in Rock Hard will trigger a libido boost so strong, that you will feel like a teenager once again thinking about making love all day long. And that’s not an exaggeration either. We have tested Rock Hard pills with one of our team members who’s 54, and those were his exact words about how he felt after using it.
Increased stamina: Age-related ED is accompanied by the lack of vitality and stamina. Men often complain that they feel lethargic and tired by the end of the day unable to even attempt sexual intercourse. Rock hard contains MACA which has been used traditionally for the treatment of tired blood syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome and also for enhancing energy, stamina and athletic performance ( Barely a week after using Rock Hard, you will be amazed at the difference it brings to your stamina during any strenuous physical activity. In bed, that translates into brute horse power.
Improved blood flow: Most importantly, and undoubtedly one of the main reasons why Rock Hard is so popular among patients suffering from ED is because it boosts the flow of blood into the penile muscles. The improved blood flow not only allows you to get a rock hard erection, but it may also pave the way to the penis becoming thicker or more engorged. Many men have experienced what they claim to be an increase in the size of the organ. Since it is medically impossible for any herb to increase the length or width of the penis, we attribute this to the tremendous increase in blood flow. Either ways, neither you nor your partner will be complaining due to the effect.
Intense orgasms: The overall improvement in the physical and mental well-being caused due to the herbs also largely improves the quality of the orgasms that you experience. The climax will be a lot more intense, strong and powerful.

Increase in ejaculate: The game wouldn’t be worth the candle if you can garner the best performance in bed and then end it with a small dribble of ejaculate. The powerful herbal blend amplifies the quantity of ejaculate which will leave you stunned to be honest. While this does nothing to improve the sexual performance or experience, it is often considered to be the symbol of virility in men.
That’s the power of herbs. Unlike a symptomatic treatment which addresses only one single problem, Rock Hard will completely change the way you feel and perform in bed.
But, at a time when herbal supplements are filled with cheap quality ingredients and fillers like sawdust, wouldn’t you want to know if Rock Hard is safe for use?
Is Rock Hard safe to use?
Apart from the formula which only uses a bare minimum of three ingredients, Rock Hard is manufactured in a clinical setting that is FDA and GMP certified.
The company has a very stringent quality control and sourcing process where the ingredients are sourced only from selected farms and inviolate forests that remain impervious to pollution, synthetics and pesticides.
The formula has been researched for over 7 years undergoing numerous iterations before it reached its current form which is safe for men of all ages (Above the age of 18).
Unless you are not adhering to the recommended dosage of two to three capsules a day, there is no reason why Rock Hard should be unsafe to use. It has been in the market for years now, and there has not even been a single report of a side effect.
What are the ingredients in Rock Hard?
No one, we repeat, no one in the right frame of mind must use any herbal supplement without scrutinizing the ingredient list. In fact, that’s the first thing that we did when we got hold of a bottle of Rock Hard.
Thankfully, there are no ‘Secret ingredients’ or ‘Proprietary blends’ here.
We have already mentioned two of the ingredients earlier. Here’s the complete combination.
1. Muira Puama: Also called ‘Herbal Viagra,’ this traditional Brazilian medicine is known to be a powerful aphrodisiac and sexual enhancer. It is touted to improve the flow of blood to the muscles in the body and is considered to be the most important ingredient in Rock Hard that results in the nerve-bulging erections that the formula is famous for.
2. Oyster shells or Zinc: Ever seen bodybuilders use Zinc for its testosterone boosting effects? That’s what gives it a special place in the Rock Hard formula because an increase in test will always be accompanied by an increase in libido, lean muscle mass and strength. Think about it like making you younger.
3. Maca: Clinically proven to improve sexual dysfunction and to boost energy, sperm production and sperm count, Maca is an extremely potent ingredient sourced from the forests of Peru.
4. Horny Goat Weed: Last but not the least; it contains Horny Goat Weed which needs no introduction. This ancient Chinese herb is today almost synonymous with aphrodisiac herbal supplements. Take the best herbal men’s health supplement, and you will find horny goat weed in every one of them.
Where can you buy Rock Hard?
Rock Hard is available in selected retail outlets around the world. However, considering that most men like to order ED medications in a safe fashion, the ideal place to order Rock Hard Pills is on their official company website.
Apart from getting the best prices, it also assures you that you are buying an authentic product. Counterfeiting is a huge problem with herbal supplements and you should always ensure that you have received an authentic product.
The best way to do it is buy it off the official website over here.
Final thoughts
Erectile Dysfunction need not be the end of the world for you, especially, when the cure is as simple as an herbal supplement that you can use safely for as long as you’d want to. If you are at your wit’s end and tired of experiencing synthetic drugs riddled with side effects, give Rock Hard pills a shot. You can thank me later for it.

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