Provillus Hair Regrowth for Men Review – Is It Effective and Safe?

provillus hair regrowth for men

In 95% of cases, the causes of hair loss are natural processes which go on in the body so baldness is actually not a disease requiring cure.

However, this condition can be treated and improved. One of the products designed for this is Provillus hair regrowth for men.

Whether you are one of those people who are ready to do anything to get their thick and glossy hair back or you are hesitant to try this treatment because you have concerns about side effects, you will definitely find this review helpful.

It’s thorough, objective and reliable. Let’s find out if Provillus hair regrowth for men could work for you effectively and safely.


Provillus Hair Regrowth for Men Overview

This is a topical treatment designed exclusively for men.

Its active ingredient is minoxidil 5%. The concentration of this ingredient is too strong for women and they should not be using it.

Provillus hair regrowth for men is designed to treat male pattern baldness also known as alopecia when it is caused by genetic factors and the natural aging process.

As explained previously, 9 in 10 men who experience hair thinning and bald spots on their head have this condition and not some kind of a medical problem.

It is interesting to note that this process usually begins between the ages of 30 and 40. In fact, a recent study has revealed that around 66% of men experience signs of hair loss by the age of 35, even though they are not always prominent.

This figure increases to 85% in the group of 50-year-old men. Given this Provillus hair regrowth for men could be helpful at practically any age after 30.

It is worth learning what it effects it has on the hair follicles in the first place, however.

How It Works

Provillus hair regrowth for men is designed for topical application only. You need to apply a thin layer of the compound onto the scalp.

This is how it will find its way into the hair follicles and start working.

The active ingredient, minoxidil 5%, helps counter the sensitivity of follicles to the androgenic hormone dihydrotestosterone also known as DHT.

DHT is a derivative of testosterone, which is produced naturally in the male body. It is formed when the hormone gets into contact with a specific enzyme found in the oil glands of the hair follicles.

Researchers have discovered that DHT can affect the size and work of follicles which are sensitive to it. They become smaller and produce thinner and smaller hairs throughout their lifespan which is considerably shortened.

This is how men get a thinning hairline and crown. Eventually, these areas become bald. The role of Provillus hair regrowth for men is to slow down this natural process and to stimulate the growth of new hairs which are thick and strong.

In general, it is designed to be used at all stages of the process.

All about the Active Ingredient

Minoxidil is a chemical compound developed synthetically for medicinal purposes. It was first created as an active ingredient for hypertension medication.

Currently, it is used primarily as a topical treatment for hair loss and more specifically for male pattern baldness.

It is important to note that minoxidil is the only such treatment approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Initially, the FDA allowed minoxidil 2% to be used in products for treating male pattern baldness.

Eventually, there was a permission for the concentration of the active ingredient to be increased to 5%. This is what Provillus hair regrowth for men has.

There are numerous studies which have proven the effects of minoxidil 5%. In one study involving 984 who used this solution for a period of 12 months, nearly two-thirds of participants experienced a reduction in the areas with hair loss on the scalp.

It was determined to be effective in 48% of the patients and highly effective in another 16%. It was moderately effective in 20.6% of participants.

It is interesting to note that only 4% of the men experienced side effects, but none of them were serious.

Given all this, it is easy to understand why the FDA has approved minoxidil 5% and why it is the active ingredient of Provillus hair regrowth for men.

Another study published in 2007 has revealed that minoxidil 5% can help men with androgenetic alopecia experience hair regrowth on the scalp within 16 weeks.

It involved 352 participants aged 18 to 49. The researchers concluded that based on their findings, the solution was both safe and effective for the treatment of male pattern boldness.

In a study involving 743 men using minoxidil 5% for 4 months, the participants were asked to evaluate the effects of the solution personally with the help of a survey.

55% of participants declared it effective for stimulating the growth of new hair while 7.5% found it to be very effective. 74.2% confirmed that it worked to improve hair density.

The participants in this group found their scalp to be fuller. Most men (52.3%) reported that they had experienced positive results during the second month of applying the solution to their scalp.

Some 14% of all participants noticed improvement during the first month of use. These are also highly encouraging figures for those who consider using Provillus hair regrowth for men.

Is Provillus Effective?

Given the huge amount of evidence that the active ingredient, minoxidil 5%, works for stimulating hair growth in men experiencing male pattern baldness, it is reasonable to say that Provillus hair regrowth for men is effective.

It does help in increasing the density of hair in areas where there are fewer and thinner hairs than usual. Put the other way around, it covers bald spots. It usually works equally well for covering the hairline and the crown.

This means that it can help men with horseshoe baldness and those who have bald spots at the top and the back of their head.

The new hairs which grow out of the follicles have the thickness and strength which are natural for the person who is using the treatment.

The fact that Provillus hair regrowth for men is effective doesn’t mean that you can expect results overnight, however. Just like all medical treatments, this one takes time to work.

As the studies on minoxidil 5% have shown, most men experience positive results within one to two months after they start applying the product.

The reality is that it all comes down to the natural processes in the body and their speed and, as we all know, they work at a different pace in every person.

The majority of researchers agree that the best possible results are achieved when the treatment lasts for around 4 months (16 weeks). The results can be maintained with the use of the product too.

Safety and Side Effects

Given the evidence produced by the research studies on minoxidil 5%, it can be concluded that Provillus hair regrowth for men is safe to use by adult men who are healthy.

It has not been studied on subjects younger than the age of 18 and this is the main reason why it is not recommended to them. In general, it is uncommon for boys to suffer from male pattern baldness in their teens.

Men who have any kind of medical problem should contact their physician before the use of this hair regrowth treatment.

This is a general recommendation which is applicable to all types of products that affect the processes which go on in the human body including supplements.

Since minoxidil has originally been designed for the treatment of hypertension, it is particularly important for people who have any type of heart disease or a greater risk of heart problems to speak with their doctor before using Provillus hair regrowth for men topically.

This is a standard safety precaution since the active ingredient has not been shown to have a significant impact on the work of the heart or the cardiovascular system when applied topically.

This topical treatment for hair loss is formulated to be applied on a scalp which is generally healthy.

If you have a medical condition which affects the scalp and causes irritation, rash, scaling or other symptoms which affect the sensitivity and integrity of the skin on the head, you should not use Provillus before discussing it with your doctor.

In such situations, it is best to talk with the dermatologist who is treating you for the respective condition.

Usually, minoxidil 5% is safe to apply after the scalp has healed completely. In general, this solution has not been shown to trigger the onset of any kind of skin condition affecting the scalp, be it chronic or acute.

Men who suffer from any kind of allergy, even if it does not affect the skin directly, should talk with their doctor about the use of Provillus hair regrowth for men. While the active ingredient, minoxidil 5%, is not known to cause any kind of allergic reaction, you should check specifically about the other ingredients.

The manufacturer of the product uses only ingredients which have been dermatologically tested and are known to be safe for healthy people.

At the same time, allergies can have highly specific triggers so it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Overall, as long as you are generally healthy and have a healthy scalp, you can use Provillus hair regrowth for men safely.

You should not expect to experience any kind of side effect, provided that you apply the product as required.

Remember that by following the rules, you will get the best possible results in the shortest possible time.

How to Use It

You must follow the instructions for use of Provillus hair regrowth for men strictly. Read them carefully before you begin and adhere to them throughout the entire period of the treatment with this product.

Here you will find essential advice on how to make full use of it.

When you apply the product, your hair must be completely dry. Generally, there is no need for washing the scalp before applying Provillus hair regrowth for men.

The active ingredient will find its way into the follicles anyway. As explained before, the scalp must be healthy. If there is even a little bit of sunburn, you should wait before it heals.

Your goal should be to apply a thin layer of the product on all areas of the scalp where there are clear signs of hair loss.

Use gentle massaging motion. You should avoid rubbing the product into the skin by applying too much pressure. This will not result in higher effectiveness, but you may experience considerable discomfort. Remember that your hands must be perfectly clean and dry when applying Provillus hair regrowth for men, just like with any other topical product.

Keep in mind that if it gets into contact with your hands often, the growth of hairs on them could be stimulated too. To prevent this, you can wear thin protective gloves when applying the product.

One of the tricks for ensuring that Provillus hair regrowth for men will do its job perfectly is to part any remaining hair on the areas of the scalp which you are treating.

In this way, the largest possible amount of minoxidil 5% will reach the hair follicles. At the same time, you should be careful and avoid applying too much of the product.

Make sure that it does not get into contact with the face, eyes, nose and mouth. It is best if you keep a soft towel on hand so that you can wipe the product quickly from these areas in case it reaches them. The towel may get colored so you should be prepared to wash it.

Usually, it takes anywhere between 2 and 4 hours for the active ingredient of Provillus hair regrowth for men to get absorbed into the follicles and for the scalp to dry completely. During this time, your hair must not get into contact with water.

Leave washing for later or do it beforehand. Similarly, you must not blow dry your hair while the product takes effect as this may cause some of it to evaporate. You should also refrain from lying down and wearing a hat during this time.

This is because some amount of the compound may get transferred to the fabric. In this case, the effect on hair growth will be smaller and the bedding or hat can get colored.

Provillus hair regrowth for men should not be used together with other topical products for the scalp. If you are getting a salon hair treatment which affects the follicles and the structure of the hairs such as dyeing, you should refrain from using the hair loss treatment 24 hours before and 24 hours after the procedure.

This should help to ensure that you stay completely safe and make the most out of both. Remember that you should not increase the dosage of the product to “make up” for the missed ones.

Don’t hesitate to take advantage of all tips for applying this treatment for male pattern baldness. You will discover that the learning curve is not steep at all.

On the contrary, you will feel comfortable and at ease and enjoy the maximum effect of minoxidil 5%.

Where to Buy Provillus

You can buy Provillus hair regrowth for men from the product’s official website. You just need to fill out a short form to place an order.

The product can be shipped worldwide. This means that you can order it regardless of your location. The website offers information on shipping time to give you a clear idea of when you will be able to receive the package which you have ordered.

You can also take advantage of the order tracking service available. It is quite helpful to use, regardless of your location.

1 bottle of the Provillus hair regrowth for men is sufficient for 1 month of use. There is a discount for buying a package of 2 bottles.

If you order 3 bottles, you get 1 free. If you buy 4, you receive 2 as a free gift. In general, you can save quite a lot if you order more of the product.

You just need to do the math to find out which package will work best for you budget-wise. At the same time, it is worth noting that the packages offered by the manufacturer may change.


provillus hair regrowth for men

What’s this review’s verdict on the product? Given that its active ingredient is minoxidil 5%, Provillus hair regrowth for men is both effective and safe for adult men who are healthy.

You can expect to get greater hair density in the areas of your scalp which are subject to hair loss. The new hairs will grow strong and thick and have the same color as the rest of your hair.

While there are rules which you have to follow when applying this product, you will find the task quite easy just after a short while.

You should not expect to experience any discomfort or other side effects.

Overall, this product is a great choice.


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