VirilityEx Review – Is It the Best of the Best Male Enhancement Pills Over the Counter?

VirilityEx Review - male enhancement pills over the counter

You can now buy male enhancement pills over the counter without having to explain to your doctor what problem related to your sexual performance you worry about.

In fact, there are so many different options that you can get easily overwhelmed, especially if you are buying a product like this for the first time.

VirilityEx is among the popular male enhancement supplements which you can find at present. It has received lots of praise from many people, but there are also some not so positive comments.

The question is whether it could be the right pill for you. This detailed and objective review is designed to help you make the right decision. Discover all the things which you need to know now.


What Is VirilityEx? – My VirilityEx Review


This supplement falls into the category of male enhancement pills over the counter. It is sold without the prescription. This means that it is readily available to anyone who wishes to buy it. It is important to note that this supplement is completely natural. It contains no artificial active ingredients.

What does male enhancement benefits it promise?

Increased sex drive – Libido is part of being human, but it is brought down by a variety of factors with the psychological ones being the most prominent nowadays.

Many men are looking for male enhancement pills over the counter because they are stressed out and/or lack self-confidence.

There are also those who have reduced sex drive because of a medical condition and/or the medications which they are taking for its treatment. VirilityEx promises to deal with the libido problem in a natural way via supplementation.

Better performance in bed – There are different reasons why some men don’t last a sufficiently long time.

Sometimes it’s because of age while in other cases there are underlying physical or psychological problems. VirilityEx is formulated to give you the performance boost which you are looking for. It’s great to have firmer erections and to last longer in bed.

Greater pleasure during lovemaking – Every man dreams of getting mind-blowing orgasms and VirilityEx is formulated to help with this.

In general, when you are more relaxed and more confident in what you are doing, you can expect to get more pleasure from lovemaking.

This is simple biochemistry. It has to do with the higher production of neurotransmitters associated with pleasure in the brain.

Penis enlargement – In order for you to be able to achieve this result, you will need to get the VirilityEx male enhancement pills over the counter and take them along with doing specially designed penis exercises.

The manufacturer of the supplement has come with a complete program designed to help you get an increase in both length and girth.

VirilityEx has been around for quite some time now. It comes from a manufacturer with over fifteen years of experience in the industry. It has become a popular option with men seeking to buy male enhancement pills over the counter.

How Does It Work?


VirilityEx works primarily by boosting the levels of the androgenic hormones and more specifically testosterone.

These are the hormones which are responsible for the masculine physical and physiological features of men.

Higher testosterone levels are associated with increased libido and harder erections. At the same time, the level of testosterone in the male body decreases naturally with age. While its peak is in the 20’s, after the age of 30, the average annual decrease is around 1%, according to the calculations of researchers.

Hence, supplementation is helpful even at a younger age. Additionally, it is common even for men in their 20’s to look for male enhancement pills over the counter, mainly because of the factors described above – stress and lower self-esteem, which is associated with anxiety and depression.

The Ingredients Evaluated


The best way to evaluate a supplement when you consider buying male enhancement pills over the counter is to look at its ingredients.

Here you will find detailed information on how each of VirilityEx’s active ingredients works. This will give you a clear idea about its effects and effectiveness.

Before looking at the individual ingredients, you should know that there is a fixed amount of each. This is a clear sign of the product’s quality.

This is because many other supplements have proprietary amounts of the active ingredients. You should stay away from these products when shopping for male enhancement pills over the counter as you can never know whether the amount of each compound is sufficient for producing the promised results. Let’s focus on the ingredients of VirilityEx now.

Korean ginseng – This plant ingredient has been used by practitioners of traditional medicine for treating impotence for centuries.

Modern studies have also shown that it is effective for enhancing the libido and improving the erection in men. A recent study involving 45 adult men with moderate to severe erectile dysfunction has revealed that after an 8-week treatment with ginseng, the participants experienced improvement in the firmness, penetration, and maintenance of their erection.

Another study has revealed that this herb works by increasing the blood flow to the penis. This effect may also help with penis enlargement, especially when combined with safe and effective exercises.

Saw palmetto – This is another one of the plant ingredients of VirilityEx. If you have shopped for male enhancement pills over the counter before, you have most probably heard of it.

It can improve the sexual function in men by stimulating the production of testosterone. This means that you can enjoy higher libido and better erections with it. Saw palmetto is also known for its potential to prevent and counter prostate enlargement.

It is found in most supplements designed especially for men suffering from this condition. Given its presence in VirilityEx, it can be safely said that this supplement is suitable for older men who are at greater risk of prostate enlargement.

You should definitely look for it when shopping for male enhancement pills over the counter. One added benefit of saw palmetto is that it can stimulate hair regrowth.

Beta sitosterols – These are chemical compounds extracted from plants so they are completely natural. They work to improve sexual activity in men. Basically, they can help you get harder and last longer when making love.

They can also have a positive impact on the prostate. They can help to prevent and fight the enlargement of this gland. You should consider the overall health benefits of beta sitosterols too.

They help to improve heart health and to lower the levels of cholesterol in the arteries. This is something very important, especially for older people. Besides, as you most certainly known, good heart health is always a major factor for good performance in bed.

Zinc – This is one of the most popularly supplemented minerals because it has a lot of positive effects on the human body.

One of them is the increase in testosterone levels. VirilityEx gives you 100% of the recommended daily dosage, meaning you will get maximum benefit without the need for getting other male enhancement pills over the counter. Higher testosterone levels lead to improved libido and sexual performance. Both you and your partner will enjoy the positive results.

This mineral is also a natural mood booster. This is a great extra benefit because it will help you to keep low mood and anxiety at bay, especially if they are associated with your ability to perform in bed.

Selenium – Found naturally in foods like fish and poultry, this mineral is essential for male virility. It is responsible for sperm production and therefore affects fertility directly.

With the presence of sufficient amounts of selenium in the testes, the sperm count is optimal. Research studies have shown that this mineral helps improve the motility of sperm cells.

If you are looking for male enhancement pills over the counter for improving your fertility, then VirilityEx may be just right for you.

How Effective Is VirilityEx?


This supplement has five ingredients, with each one working in a special way to bring you multiple benefits.

These include greater sex drive, better erection, keeping prostate health optimal, fertility stimulation and mood improvement.

When all these factors are present, you will surely derive greater pleasure from any sexual experience. When you add the exercises of the VirilityEx program to the equation, you can expect to get penis enlargement as well.

Generally, these exercises have been used effectively and safely over the course of many years. When you do them correctly and keep the intensity optimal, you can expect to get positive results.

Given all of these factors, it will be logical to say that VirilityEx works for male enhancement and penis enlargement.

At this point, you probably want to know how long it will take you to achieve the results which you desire.

The reality is that every man is different and there are a lot of factors which may impact the effectiveness of the supplement.

These include age, overall physical condition, metabolism and the presence of any physical and/or physiological problems affecting sexual activity.

Most studies on the active ingredients which have produced evidence that they work involved the participants using supplementation between 8 and 12 weeks.

However, men usually begin to experience the positive effects within a much shorter period of time. While VirilityEx may not work overnight, you can expect fairly quick improvement. This is something which every man who intends to buy male enhancement pills over the counter should know.

How Safe Is It?


Safety is always a question which comes up when people are looking for male enhancement pills over the counter simply because these are not drugs which are strictly regulated by the health authorities, like the Food and Drug Administration in the United States.

The ingredients used in VirilityEx have not been shown to cause serious adverse side effects in healthy adult men, when they take the recommended daily dosage. They can rarely cause physical discomfort.

If you have a medical condition, either chronic or acute, and take medications for it, you should check with your doctor whether you can use this supplement.

In general, this is the right course of action when planning to use any type or form of supplementation. Safety should always be your top priority when looking to buy male enhancement pills over the counter.

In case you have any of the medical problems which some of the ingredients of VirilityEx have been shown to improve, you should use it in addition to your treatment only after your physician confirms that it is safe for you in this situation.

You would not want to risk drug interaction, even though the likelihood of such a problem is very small when taking these male enhancement pills over the counter.

Comparison to Other Male Enhancement Methods


When men are not happy with their performance in bed, they are naturally considering all their options for improvement and not just getting male enhancement pills over the counter.

That is why it is worth checking how the intake of VirilityEx compares to other popularly used methods. The focus here is on the use of penis pumps and surgery.

The penis pump has been around for quite some time. It is used for getting an erection through the drawing of more blood into the penis.

When you put your penis in the pump and start pumping, the created vacuum will increase the blood flow to the arteries.

When your penis is in a fully erect state, you are ready to go. It is recommended to wear a ring at the base for keeping the blood inside the penis.

This method usually works well, but you have to use it every time when you want to make love with your partner and this may make you feel uncomfortable. Besides, you must be very careful when putting the pump on and be pumping as there is a serious risk of injury.

Keeping the ring on for too long can also be dangerous, even though it helps in getting more pleasure from sex by making the penis more sensitive.

Getting the VirilityEx male enhancement pills over the counter and taking them as recommended has several advantages over the use of a penis pump.

You can expect to get lasting results in a safe and completely discreet way. You will not have to worry about special preparation every time when you want to have sex or about explaining the situation to your partner.

Penis enlargement surgery is complex and expensive and even the best doctors cannot give you complete guarantee that you will have a thicker and longer penis and that you will perform better in bed after the treatment.

With that being said, the advantages of getting the VirilityEx male enhancement pills over the counter are pretty obvious. They are much more affordable to buy and to use for as long as necessary.

You can expect them to work well without causing side effects and discomfort. There is no anesthesia or a long recovery period involved.

How to Use VirilityEx


Once you get the VirilityEx male enhancement pills over the counter, you should take them as recommended on the bottle.

You must not exceed the daily dosage.

This will not help for getting faster results and may be potentially unsafe. Remember that using this supplement is not a one-off solution.

When you have sufficient levels of the active ingredients in your body, you will be able to maintain your libido and sexual performance optimal all the time.

However, as explained earlier, this cannot happen in one or two days.

This is not how the human body works. Patience pays off, even though you should not expect to wait long for enjoying the positive effects of the supplement.

If you choose to take advantage of the exercise program for penis enlargement which comes with these male enhancement pills over the counter, you should follow the instructions strictly.

You should refrain from making the sessions more intense than they actually are as you would want to keep the risk of injury down to the possible minimum. Another important thing is to stop immediately if you feel pain.

Generally, the possibility of this happening is minimal when you do the exercises correctly.

Where to Buy


You can buy the VirilityEx male enhancement pills over the counter from the official website of the manufacturer.

The process is very simple.

You just need to fill out a short order form. It is up to you to decide how many bottles to purchase.

You will receive the product in discreet packaging which does not hint the contents inside in any way. This is certainly good news for men getting male enhancement pills over the counter.



Should you go for VirilityEx when choosing male enhancement pills over the counter?

This supplement has all the right ingredients to help you increase your libido and protect your prostate and to make your erection better. With it, you can also get greater pleasure when making love and a fertility boost. If you use the exercise program along with the supplement, you can end up with a bigger penis.

The product is generally regarded to be safe for healthy men. Given all this, you can readily get the VirilityEx male enhancement pills over the counter. Place your comments here, if you have any query about VirilityEx Review.


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